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Welcome to StuLo®

StuLo is a package of financial wellness benefits created by employee benefits professionals.

Through a collaboration of industry-leading partners, StuLo provides the best benefit value in the marketplace for financial wellness and student loan debt relief.

We offer a wholistic approach to financial wellness that is an alternative and better solution than the high-cost of Employer-Funded Repayment Assistance Plans.

StuLo is available to Employers, Alumni and Trade Associations, and can be embedded with other Financial and Insurance programs.

Designed for large-sized companies who are looking for a voluntary or low-cost financial wellness benefit solution--with unmatched value--for all their employees. 
For Alumni, Trade, and Professional associations looking for a meaningful financial wellness benefit to use as a member recruitment and retention tool. 
We appreciate the trusting relationship and advisory role of brokers and consultants. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can help meet your clients' needs.
StuLo is only available through employer and association groups. Login to in the menu above, or click here to introduce an employer or association group to StuLo.

What makes StuLo different?

  • Wholistic solution of financial benefits for all employees 
  • Concierge-level service with human touch 
  • Not a singular-focused student loan solution - employee choice 
  • Significantly greater benefit value than a repayment assistance plan 
  • Voluntary and low-cost employer options 
  • No payroll administration: direct-bill or employer-paid
  • Best-in-class and industry leading service partners

Why StuLo Matters to Employers

Helping to address human resource concerns

StuLo was not developed based on bank-driven priorities or technology platform initiatives. StuLo is an employee-benefits based solution.  We understand the challenges that human resource and benefit professionals face and created the StuLo solution with the right product-set and flexibility to meet those challenges.

Student Loan Debt Relief Benefits can 
Help to Improve Recruiting and Retention

67% of student loan holders are age 39 or younger (29.5 million)

3rd most important benefit ranking of student loan debt relief behind health insurance and 401(k) match

86% of millennials would stay with an employer > 5 years if student loan relief benefit was offered

Financial Wellness Benefits can 
Help to Increase Productivity

64% of younger workers indicated they are stressed about their finances

46% spend 3 or more hours per week dealing with personal finances at work

63% are unable to handle an unexpected medical bill of $1,000

Meaningful Benefits for All Employees

Not just for student loan holders

Some benefit solutions are singular-focused only on student loans.  With StuLo, you can avoid employee fairness and discrimination concerns by providing a wholistic financial wellness solution that will appeal to a broad range of employees--not just those with student loan debt.

Student Loan Related Benefits


Student Loan 



Student Loan 


Financial Wellness Related Benefits



Credit Repair


Identity Theft


Created by career benefits people.
Distributed through benefits advisors.
Designed for HR/benefits professionals.

Employer Advantages of StuLo

  • Voluntary option means no budget approval required 
  • Increase productivity with financial concierge resources 
  • Improve your recruiting and retention strategies 
  • Avoid benefit discrimination by offering financial services to all employees 
  • Provide one of the top Millennial-requested benefits
  • Not subject to employer payroll tax or employee income tax 
  • Leverage the offering for PR, as media interest is high 
  • No payroll administration or HRIS integration

About StuLo®

StuLo is an employee benefit and association-member benefit program focused on: financial wellness, student loan debt relief, and credit repair services. The benefit program takes a wholistic approach to providing a financial wellness benefit for all employees and members—not just a benefit to help student loan holders only. The aggregation of financial related benefits include: general financial coaching and online tools, concierge services to help with federal student loan forgiveness and repayment assistance plans, private student loan refinancing marketplace, concierge services to help with credit repair, and identity theft protection. As an alternative to an employer-funded student loan repayment assistance benefit, StuLo provides significantly more benefit value at little to no cost to the employer or association.


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The vendor companies presented as part of the StuLo benefit offering are contracted to provide their services to individual StuLo members as independently owned and operated entities. The vendor companies are neither affiliated with, nor are they responsible for the services provided by Student Markets Group, Inc. or any other vendor company, in any way. Each independent vendor company represents and warrants only the services specific to their individual company’s offering as provided in the terms and conditions of their member services agreement.

StuLo and its vendor partner companies are private companies that are not a branch of or affiliated with the Department of Education nor is it endorsed by any Federal, State, or Local government agency. Similar to filing a tax return, individuals can file a student loan consolidation application directly with the Department of Education, without professional assistance, and without charge.

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